स्रोत: भगीरथ प्रतिष्ठान      तारीख: 27-Jul-2016


The Ideology of Bhagirath Gram Vikas Pratishthan is based on the principle that ‘Soul of India lies in our villages & thriving villages are key to India’s success.’

We, at Bhagirath Gram Vikas Pratishthan, have been actively working towards ‘Holistic and Sustainable Rural Development’ in Sindhudurg district, Maharashtra since the year 2004. Till date, more than 70 villages under 7 tehsils in Sindhudurg districts have been empowered by the organisation.
Any transformation starts with firm convictions & renewed confidence. We work with the people here by uplifting their confidence levels, introducing them to newer & advanced methods of Farming, Energy & fuel generation, Horticulture, Poultry, Pig farming, Education etc. The outcome of our work has been truly miraculous. We have been able to attract the youth back to villages. There are some cases where people have left their jobs in metros and come back to their villages. Along with the economic development, we have achieved better ecological and environmental conditions in the areas we are working in.

And yes, the most important achievement has been the shining smiling faces of the people here!